War is Over

“To supply the Vietcong guerrillas in South Vietnam, the Hanoi Communists opened through  the forests of Laos what became famous as “the Ho Chi Minh Trail”; and to close  that path, between 1964 and 1973 the Americans “secretly” dropped more bombs on Laos  than fell on Germany and the whole occupied Europe during the Second World War:  two million tons of explosive.”

(“A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earthbound Travels in Far East” by Tiziano Terzani)

During the Vietnam War, Laos was massively bombed by American army. They were trying to stop the Vietcong and the Vietnamese Democratic Republic troops who used the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Today, there are many unexploded bombs dated back at the time.
Some citizens of Ban Napia Village, in the Northeast of Laos, are actually searching for the unexploded bombs, they’re making them inactive and using the aluminum to turn it into small items, such as spoons, bracelets, pendants, etcetera and they try to sell to the tourists who come to visit this little village also known as The Spoon Village.