In 2005, I’ve founded Au5 with Annalisa Moniga and Paola Antonini. It was a creative group and we realized short movies, documentaries, animated videos and experimental videos.
Au5 realized the last work in 2011. It’s the documentary “Re-cordis. Felicia Bartolotta Impastato ricordata e raccontata da tre donne” which will be screened in several Italian cities and in Germany.

In 2013, I’m cameraman and photographer for the artistic project “Impronte Sfiorate” by Paola Michela Mineo.
The next year, I’m one of the director of “EX/OUT” documentary realized during “Il Cinema nel Reale” workshop with Andrea Segre as artistic director.
In the same year, I produce and direct the short “Haiku 51” with Tea Dragano.

The documentary “A Life in Chains”, co-directed with Manuel Marano, is completed in 2016 In the same year, Michele Paladin and me begin to work on “Tale of Winter” documentary. Paolo Castrini will join us as sound designer. The documentary will be released in 2019.

In 2017, I’m director of photography, cameraman and sound recordist for the documentary {THE AND}Italia.



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