Who I am

Sound Engineer & Designer | Audio Manager |
Filmmaker | Photographer

“Who I am”…not an easy chapter, the one which has always scared me most.

“Who I am”…if we mean in a psychological perspective, I’ll can write for hours, like everybody, but, luckily, we’re not here for this reason.

“Who I am”…sound engineer and sound designer (now also audio manager), filmmaker, photographer. Too many things? Maybe, but I’ve always tried to turn my passions into job and I’ve always had a lot of passions.

So, let’s just rewind the tape and let’s see how I’ve arrived here.

The story begins when I’m 15 years old, I’m on a ferry-boat headed for Sardinia, for a holiday I don’t want. I’m bored, so my father puts his Nikkormat FT2 in my hands and he teaches me how to use it. He doesn’t know (and neither do I) he has just revolutionized my existence, he has just given me the bigger passion of my life: the photography.

Let’s flash forward four years: I still want to be a photographer, but my parents demanded me to join a university. I’m getting along at Literature, but traditional studies aren’t for me, so I quit. At that point, my father (silent partner) finds the Università dell’Immagine and he changes my life for the second time.

Università dell’Immagine (aka UI) has been founded by Fabrizio Ferri. It’s a post-secondary training school and its formative activity is therefore realized through a program constructed around the five senses. In two years, they open my mind and they teach me how to see and feel the world full circle.

But, maybe because I’m too young, maybe because I’ve got too much input, maybe because I lost my lighthouse, once I completed the study, I get stuck: I’m not able anymore to take photograph.

Luckily, another passion is born: audio. And I bet on that. With a friend help I write a cover letter which tries to stand out: I haven’t work experience and I attended an odd course of studies, I have to focus on my personality. I send the letter to all possibly sound studios in Milan and Jinglebell Communication replies.

My first love story is born and the story lasts for 4 years, with some pauses. During these 4 years, I’m not faithful: audio world is living a crisis and I need to pay the rent, so the video become my lover.

I attend a video editing course and I start to work as freelance editor.

Furthermore, in 2011, I create Au5 with two friends of mine, a creative team which realizes documentaries, short movies and experimental video.

In the meantime, Fono Video Sync contacts me. It’s an audio company I have set my sights on from several years, one of the few audio company located in Milan which works on Italian movies. We meet, we like each other, we work together for six years.

When we split, we remain close friends.

2012 is ending and I go back to being a freelance. I take the chance to realizes two documentaries (“A Life in Chains” with Manuel Marano and “Tale of Winter” with Michele Paladin and Paolo Castrini), to attend the “Il Cinema nel Reale” workshop with Andrea Segre as artistic director during which we realize “Ex/Out” documentary and to reconnect with my first love: Jinglebell Communication.

At the beginning, me and Jinglebell study each other and stay in an open relationship, but, in 2017, we got together, and I become their audio manager for videogames localization. Sometimes, they loan me to SAE as external teacher.

And the photography?

Some years after Università dell’Immagine, I solve my mental block and I start again to take photographs. Photography has never become my job, but it’s still my biggest passion. I’ve realized many reportages and I’ve taken part to several exhibitions.

Even today, when I’m behind the lens and I’m looking through the viewfinder, just me and what I’m framing exist, I’m filled with a great feeling of peace and a part of me is again the 15 years old little girl whose father is teaching how to photograph.